Language classes for kids should be interactive and immersive. Our goal is to provide you with access to activities that will captivate their attention, teach them new skills, and help them learn their target language in a fun and affordable way.

Through our extensive catalogue of offerings, children can learn and practice a new language while cooking, singing, designing, painting and many more enriching and engaging activities. They will be having so much fun that they will not even notice how much they are learning!

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While traditional language classes may be easy to find, high quality extracurricular activities in different languages can be a challenge. That's where this platform comes in! Whether you are looking for online Spanish, French, Portuguese, English or Mandarin classes to fulfill your child interests, we are here to help you find the best classes and connect you with the best native instructors to enhance your child's language journey

A Curated Experience

At The Fun Academy, our focus is on providing families the best language learning experience by carefully vetting and evaluating native instructors and providing parents clear expectations of the instructor's education and experience. As an added value to you, before allowing instructors to participate in our platform, we require that they demonstrate knowledge of English, video conferencing technology and an understanding of the challenges of virtual learning.

The Fun Academy is committed to finding interactive, individual and small group classes that keep your children engaged and give them practical experience to use the language. As a parent, you can feel good to be investing in classes your children love while they learn a second language online. Most importantly, we are here to take the stress out of selecting instructors, so parents can refocus their experience and enjoy the process of selecting enriching and interactive classes. Learning another language online has never been more fun!

Bridging the gap

The world is becoming increasingly digital. One of the benefits of our children's new familiarity with technology is that we can overcome barriers of geography and time to provide engaging learning opportunities through lessons taught by native speakers regardless of where you live. The downside is that there is too much information available on the internet and it can become overwhelming. We are here to provide you a one-stop platform so you can make connections and discover new interests without becoming overburdened by the options that may be available. We are also here to serve as your liaison in navigating the different expectations and technology used by instructors around the globe

The teachers on The Fun Academy platform will make online classes for kids fun and interactive without the stress of having to search multiple websites to find the best fit for your family.

User friendly and didactic

We take advantage of the benefits of online learning to create a unique platform easy to use and convenient for kids, parents and teachers. By providing a safe and straightforward space to practice and learn a different language online we take the hard work out of finding and engaging teachers and let you focus on practicing and learning with native certified teachers around the globe.

Fun and immersive

The lessons offered through our platform are specifically curated to keep your children motivated to learn and practice their target language. Studying online through our classes, whether Spanish, Portuguese, French, or Mandarin is your home or school language, or simply a new skill you want your children to learn, will be an immersive experience through a variety of subjects that children love. By allowing your children to engage in their interests while learning a second language online, they will be able to gain new vocabulary and practice their speaking skills in real conversations with native qualified teachers!

Affordable yet effective

Enriching experiences can often become a financial burden on families. At The Fun Academy, we strive to bring you affordable classes that will engage children in learning a second language while having fun. By removing barriers of geography and allowing native teachers to teach from their homes, our platform will give you access to high-quality instruction at prices your family can afford.

At The Fun Academy we make learning online engaging and enriching for the whole family. Do you want to stay up to date with best practices for virtual learning and second language acquisition, and be the first to find out about new class offerings and promotions? Subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss anything.